The brief
The project brief was to produce an information design solution to help promote penicillin allergy mislabelling. When looking into this topic, I discovered that the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out caused an 81% surge in people googling 'penicillin allergy' (through google trends data). This lead me to discover that many people were worried about whether the Covid-19 vaccine contained penicillin and if it was safe to receive with a penicillin allergy. This perpetuated the issue that penicillin allergies are overly mislabelled.
The design solution
The approach I took to address this issue was to create a questionnaire on the topic to help patients find not only the information they want – about the Covid-19 vaccine – but also what they need – about their penicillin symptoms.

Mock-up of prototype

Summary of the information problem being designed for.
Design process

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